Choral Groups

Kinder Group

Kinder Group is for very young singers. Their age is 5 years and under 6 years. The curriculum includes sight singing in treble clef, solfege from ti-do-re-mi-fa-sol up to la with familiar nursery songs, rhythm drill by using rhythm sticks in simple meter, one single melody line, proper vowels placements and breathing technique and through singing games to learn how to work as a team.

Preparatory Group

Preparatory Group is for young beginning singers that are at least 6 years old and attending 1st grade, with no or little previous musical experience. The curriculum at this level includes beginning solfege, sight singing, singing in intervals, rhythm and reading techniques, and proper vowel placement.

Junior Group

Junior Group choristers, ages 7 and up, often have advanced from the Preparatory level and are ready for further development. The curriculum for Junior Group includes the next level in music theory, sight singing, singing in intervals, rhythm and reading techniques. Emphases are placed on breathing, ear training, diction, focusing, two parts harmony and further performance skills. Junior Group members are given the opportunity to learn the basics of focus, tuning, good vocal tone and musical phrasing geared to improving their vocal skills.

Intermediate Group

Intermediate Group choristers, ages 8 and up, further progress in music theory and sight singing, and continue to master vocal and reading skills in preparation for an advanced chorus. Emphases are placed on more complex vocal technique, musicianship, and development in three part harmony.

Concert Group

Concert Group consists of auditioned choristers whose technique is at a high level. Singers continue to refine skills that produce beauty, purity, and consistency of vocal quality. Members of Concert Group sing and perform more advanced and complex music with confidence. The curriculum at this level includes advanced literature, multi-part harmony, and continuing emphasis on vocal development.

Ensemble Group

Ensemble Group consists of a subset of senior members from Concert Group, grades 8 and up, who have mastered vocal skills presented at the Concert Choir level. Youth members concentrate on high-level performances of challenging literature with and without accompaniment.

Training Group