25th anniversary, 2014



Growing with NOCCC

by Liwei Chen, Founding President


This is New Orange County Children's Choir's twenty-fifth year!

With much emotion and appreciation, all of us together - current and former choir members, parents, teachers, accompanists, and friends in our community - have witnessed the growth and prosperity of NOCCC. Twenty-five years ago, in April, 1989, there were only 20-some choir members when NOCCC (then called North Orange County Children's Choir) was started. The kids learned to sing and practiced songs at weekly rehearsals. They performed at local festivals and annual concerts. Over the years, through the participation of additional choir members and the dedication of teachers and parents, NOCCC continued to grow in size and excel in its musical presentation and performance.

Over the past quarter century, more than twelve hundreds youngsters have joined NOCCC. A large number of them were or have been in the choir for many years. The elder alumni are now in their mid-thirties and have embarked upon a variety of professional careers. The younger alumni are now in college. No matter what their age, all alumni share one thing in common - that they were trained in and grew up with NOCCC. In addition to musical skills, they also acquired a sense of responsibility, discipline, self-confidence and team spirit. They all are successful in the growing paths of their personal lives and have become better citizens of our society and community.

To all of the teachers and parents, I would like to thank you for your devotion, love, and support for this organization. Without your efforts and assistance, NOCCC would not be what it is today. Thank you all.

Tonight, we are here to appreciate and enjoy the beauty of choral singing as well as the accomplishments of the children and the hard work of many parents, teachers, and friends of the choir. We are proud to be part of NOCCC. Best wishes for many more years of continuing success!